Traditional Plastering

Hard plaster requires one scratch coat and one top coat of sand and cement render with a finishing coat of smooth plaster. The sand and cement render can be replaced by proprietary plasters of differing types, each one of which is formulated for use on a different substrate. The advantage of hard plaster is that [Read More…]

Projection Plaster 3X Faster

The use of spray/machine projection plaster reduces labour and increases production, also enabling skilled workers to have a controllable supply of accurately mixed material ready to be applied via a spray plastering machine and nozzle. Speed, efficiency and control are greatly enhanced with a quality product and result for our clients. Clearly the benefits for [Read More…]


Drylining and drywall solutions are becoming increasingly popular due to the ease of construction and flexibility offered to the architect/designer to accommodate specialist design features while integrating the practical requirements of fire and acoustic performance. Careful consideration to ensure the selected drylining system meets the desired performance levels is critical. When higher specification requirements are needed, [Read More…]

MF & Stud Partitioning Systems

Metal Stud Partitioning Metal stud partition ranges from 50mm single or double skin partitions up to 150mm “jumbo” stud wall. The centre cavity can be filled with mineral fibre for additional sound proofing. Metal stud partition is ideally suited for areas such as conference rooms where sound reduction is important. Jumbo stud wall is often [Read More…]

Screeding & Rendering

Traditional Screed This type of screed is the most widely used screed in the UK and in various forms has been used for centuries. All the Traditional screed we install meets with the highest standards be it factory produced or site batched. Traditional screed is suitable for all conventional screed applications. Traditional screed comes with [Read More…]